Thérèse Châteauvert


  • 1958: 1st prize for children (Christmas card from the Vigie)
  • 1959-60: Drawing classes and oil painting by Mr Soucy of The School of Beaux Arts, Saturday morning
  • 1974-79: Oil painting classes by Leonard Brousseau in Riviere du Loup
  • 1985-2002: Oil painting classes by Phillippe Côté. During this period I was initiated to dry pastel by Mrs Huguette Genest
  • 2003-2010: Dry pastel classes by Mrs Maryse Proulx


  • La Grange a Riv. Du Loup (group exhibition)
  • Maison Magella Paradis (group exhibition from 2003 to 2010)
  • Maison de la culture St-Augustin de Desmaures (2008)
  • Maison de la culture St-Antoine sur Richelieu (2009)
  • Exposium des Arts de Charlesbourg (2010)
  • 2012  Bibliothèque Étienne-Parent à Beauport (group exhibition) 
  • 2012  National Exhibition Ogilvy ; Les Pastellistes 17th
  • 2013  International Exhibition Ogilvy:  Les Pastellistes 18th.
  • 2014 International Exhibition ; Les Pastellistes 19th
  • 2014 Exhibition Papeterie St-Gilles, Charlevoix.