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Peter Krc

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Telephone: 514-384-8537

Artist painter and portraitist

Peter was born in the city of Handlova, Czechoslovakia in 1955. As early as the age four, he showed a love for drawing. It was while working in coal mines of Handlova as an adult that he began to ply his trade as an artist in his spare time. In 1989 Peter and his family moved to Canada. In the 2008 annual exhibition of the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada held at Ogilvy's Montreal, one of his works won the Grand Prize while another won the Public Choice Prize. In the 2009 International exhibition of the PSEC, also held at Ogilvy's Montreal, another of his works won Thrid Prize. In March 2010, he presented a solo exhibition in the Town Hall of Town Mont-Royal. Using pastel and oil techniques, Peter creates captivating works of reality; works which not only capture the looks, the smiles and expressions of their subjects, but even their souls.

Two inches

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