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Pierre Bureau

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Telephone: (418) 748-4642

     Born in Sherbrooke (Québec) in 1952, I discovered dry pastel while finishing my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Laval University (Québec City, 1976). I describe  my pastels as "atmospheric". Whether a landscape, a nebula or a more abstract work, they are all (except for certain landscapes) a creature of the imagination shaped by  light, texture and/or color. Every drawing is a journey into a dreamlike world.


 I taught plastic arts in Chibougamau from 1976 to 1984. From 1978 to 1990, my pastels were featured in several solo exhibitions held in Sherbrooke, Drummondville, Trois-Rivières, Montréal, Chicoutimi, Jonquière, Chibougamau, either on an individual basis or in groups, particularly in Normandy, France (in April 1983). Since 1991, I have been very active in my home town, Chibougamau, while also exhibiting my works. Being an amateur astronomer has enabled me for the past 16 years to contribute my creativity to astronomy. In 1996, I developed a mobile planetarium in which, thanks to special effects and under my guidance, three to four persons can live the unforgettable experience of a starlit sky.


Since 2007, I have been back on the "Québec artistic scene", by participating in exhibitions and symposia where I received several prizes and distinctions: my pastel " Lumières cosmiques " won the gold medal at the 24th Gala international du Cercle des artistes peintres et sculpteurs du Québec in 2007, in Montreal, " L’oiseau de feu " won a silver medal at the 25th Gala in 2008, and " Où aller " won a silver medal at the 26th Gala in 2009. My pastel " Damase à la fenêtre " was honoured by the Grand Prix du jury at the Val-Jalbert Symposium in 2009, and " La chute à images " received the Award of distinction in 2010. The same year, I also received the  Jury’s Grand Prize for the originality of my works, at the Symposium Arts et Beautés de la Nature (Domaine de Maizerets,  in Québec City). In 2012 I received from PSEC the prize of "Creativity" for my pastel "Lumière-rock".

Lumières cosmiques

Pour Ariane

La nébuleuse du Canard

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