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Juan Cristobal

Master Pastelist

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Juan Cristobal Pinochet is born in Chili in 1960; he arrives to Québec city at the age of 17 continuing his high school degree and college at Petit Seminaire de Québec. City that became his adopted new town.

Despite the fact that he fulfill communication and marketing degree at Ottawa University, he assist on a regular basis to the art academy of his mother Silvia Araya in Québec city, leaving his passion for art goes on.

At early twenties he is part of portraitist artist from old Québec, he assist at models classes and teach at her mother students.

For many years, Cristobal challenges were acquire most knowledge of techniques, mediums, art history and evolve with painting experience.

After 35 years of art career, Juan Cristobal has painted 2300 pastel portraits, more than 3000 oil and acrylics paintings; landscapes, people, portraits, still life’s and others subjects.

He is a former member of the Institut d’Art Figuratif du Québec, of the Academie International de Beaux Arts du Québec, and the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada.

He is the founder of the Academie Cristobal, superior school of drawing and painting teaching in Montreal, Québec, Charlevoix and regions.

He has participated to more than 60 group exhibitions among them about 10 in Europe and Asia during the last years. He has been present to many art festivals and Symposiums through Québec province and internationally.

He expose permanently at his art gallery in Baie St-Paul Charlevoix, and in many other galleries nationwide.

He has been granted with prizes and honors many times; 7 at the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada, two times finalist at the Concours National de Peinture de Reves d’Automne, he received the gold medal from city of Yvetot, France, he also merits the Technique first price at the Brittany Pastel Society 2014 international exhibition, France, and the Jean-Paul Lapointe Prize at the international Symposium of Saguenay 2017. He has been granted by the merit certificate at the chamber of representatives in Ottawa, the title of "Master Pastellist" at PSEC and the "Master in Beaux Arts" at the Academie International de Beaux Arts du Québec.

Cristobal has merit many editorial in art magazines such as  Magazin’Art (three times), Pratique des Arts in France, under the title of "Greats Pastel Masters", recently an important paper has been published from him on canadian Art, Arquitecture and Design Arabella magazine.

One of his pieces stands permanently at the collection of Pastel Museum of France, Dordogne. France.

He has been elected 2013 Artist painter of the year at the Garrison Club of Québec City

He has been designed jury at the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada, Concours National de Peinture de Reves d’Automne, and at the International exhibition of Pastel in Giverny, France 2014.

His studies an expertise of the notions of composition in pictorial art, has allow him top became spokesman in Canada and overseas.

Bassin de Honfleur, France

Fin d'hiver et crépuscule enflammé

Prélude romantique

Dernières feuilles sur les bouleaux

La bonbonnière

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