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Robert Vanasse

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Telephone: 514-695-4293

During his professional career in heavy construction, he had a permanent interest in painting with a hobby in photography and an assiduous reader of art magazines. He starts drawing about five years before retirement, and follows oil painting courses. In his spare time, he gives free rein to his need to express himself on canvas.

Upon retirement, he follows courses and workshops in pastels with Max Stiebel and painting becomes his main activity. A few years later, he follows courses and workshops with Chui Wang. Oil Painting is a good medium to develop a knowledge of colors.

He now concentrates on pastel which he cherishes for its spontaneity. Occasionnaly, he will paint with oil, mainly not to loose his touch and the practice of one helps the other. In the last couple of years he attends workshops with Juan Cristobal. His main subject is landscape, either nature or urban, but occasionaly will do a still life or portrait.

Earlier, a realist with an insistance for an exact rendering, he now goes for a more personal one with more intense colors that may even differ from the natural ones.

Province Hill Rd, Mansonville

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