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Martine Vallée

Signature Member

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Telephone: (514)852-2213

Born in Montreal, graduated from the department of psychology of UQAM and also from the Faculty of Arts and Science at the University of Montreal, Martine Vallée has initially worked as a fashion designer (night dresses) for Karilani. In this adventure, she had the opportunity to design evening gowns for a lot of artist women in Quebec.

Since about 3 years, she came to a turning point in her carrier which led her toward painting, an art for which she nourished a real passion since always.

So, it is as a self-educated person that she initiated her career, and then in a constant research of perfection, she became to attend some studios/workshops. Her most determining encounter was with Irena Korosec (Bohemiarte), Bill Hosner and Margaret Dyer.

Working mainly in oil and pastel, her artwork represented a marked preference for the human face and portrait. Her artistic approach is intimately related to her former psychology courses because she muses on probing the human soul in order to transpose it, in a poetic way, into her visual artwork. Her taste is currently oriented towards the effect of light on surfaces like flesh or clothes made out of latex.

Some of her artworks were recently exposed and noticed at the Montreal’s Museum of  Fine Arts in order to add an unusual tone during the special night “Transangdance”. She was also invited to give a direct painting performance at the same museum (May 2010).

She also is the creator of the “clin d’oeil” (meaning “wink”) appearing on the confection of the dress designed especially to commemorate the 30 years of the magazine wearing the same name.

Martine began teaching in 2009 and she is actually working on the creation of a technical art book and her own school.

She became a PSEC's Signature member in november 2012 and Honorary member of  the Institut Européen Des Arts Contemporains in october 2013.

Nominated Co-President by Pierrick Her, Mondial Art Academia, 2013;

Member of l'Institut Européen des Arts Contemporains, 2013;

Gold medalist from l'Institut Européen des Arts Contemporains, 2014;

Exhibitions in France: Paris (Louvres), Bordeaux, Toulouse, Saint-Paul les trois Châteaux




Duane attentif

Playing Marco Polo

Hinatea au soleil de cinq heures

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