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Mélissa Breault

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Telephone: 514-668-1593

I teach drawing and painting in my studio in Montreal. I specialize in soft pastel, but I also teach classical charcoal drawing, oil painting and watercolour.

For class inquiries:

call me (514) 668-1593

or send me an email:

Happy painting!


Artist's Statement

It is hard for me to express in words what my art is all about, but having to write about it made me realize something - my paintings and I are on the same page.

We both want to stay clear and simple through the complexity of life.  We are both tidy and refined despite the chaos all around.

Painting provides me with a sense of balance that is reflected in my art. My realistic and organized painting style gives me the peace and reassurance that I am looking for in my life.

I always had a penchant for the old masters' classical paintings but after experimenting with other styles in college, I really found my way. Learning classical techniques since I was thirteen and teaching students for  now more than10 years engraved the passion even deeper in me and reinforced my desire to pursue my artistic development in a realistic way.

Inspiration moves us in different directions but always kept me on the path of creation. I am driven by everything and everyone I love. There is no subject I favour. I find my greatest inspiration in the emotions that a scene or a person evoke in me. Painting has always been my way of channeling overwhelming feelings and turning them into something creative and positive. In the process, my hope is to inspire others and make them see the hidden beauty in life's simplest things.

I believe that the resemblance in a portrait goes far beyond what the person looks like and that the beauty in a landscape is only well represented if it is able to light a fire in the viewer's eye. While I paint, my goal is to provide the static image with the emotional content that it needs to come alive. Uniting sensibility and subject together whether in a landscape or a portrait is the main goal of my painting journey.

Au printemps de soi

Lumière d'Israël

Corps et Âme

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