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Marie Josée Larochelle

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Telephone: 418-755-1517

Historically portrait and figure painting or drawing inspires me. Having almost feel what they feel and live through gestural strokes of color and atmosphere. I am inspired by the work of the photographer or artist who can capture the subtlety of the impression of living in the moment. A picture is worth a thousand words ... 
I paint faces from photographs and live models, in public as in the studio. The pastel is my favorite medium. This medium is halfway between painting and drawing, it allows me realistic and blur effects at once. I apply the color with mixing, leaving the pigment vibrate rather than fade with the finger, giving a brighter and three-dimensional effect by superimposing several layers of colors. 
I treat my subjects much like works of art in themselves, while trying to discover the peculiarity that characterizes them. 
Inspired by the culture in all its forms, I cherish the dream of being able to work while traveling, crunch on the deep one, otherwise .... 
Marie-Josee Larochelle

Adoptez-moi, wouf!

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