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Christine Gervais

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Telephone: 514-823-6966

Since I was a kid I have been drawing, my talent inherited from my parents. As a teenager I started doing a comic strip based on my heroes of the Star Trek series. Each morning my friends at school were eager to see what  was next. Then I started doing protraits of all our idols, singers, actors, etc.: Elvis, Superman, Tom Jones, Mr.Spock, etc. I then decided I,d be an artist!

But life decided otherwise, and with my workdays pleintiful and being a young mother, I had to leave aside my crayons and charcoals. I started back many, many years later. Well, that's life!

It is a friend of mine whom started taking Decorative Painting lessons that got me back on tracks. I decided I'd give it a try having never touched acrylics. Well I loved it and started taking the 'Traditions' course. However after awhile I found that it was not satisfying my crativity urges being too technical, although I learned a lot. Acrylics is still part of my life.

I met Suzanne Godbout at an Art exhibit in Sorel-Tracy a few years ago. I was fascinated by the lovely colors, their transparency, the subtle nuances... so I took lessons with her and...I was hooked!

I love pastels, their immediacy, the ease of working with them, their vibrant colors and how flexible they can be!  All themes are interesting as long as the subject is. But I am particularly fond of animals...all of them. I love doing them in all their panache and glory.

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