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Reine Goodrow

Signature Member

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Telephone: 450-689-2247


                   Reine Goodrow                                                                                

 The artist is Montreal born and living in Laval.

 Art Education_____________________________________  

McGill University-Fine Arts, 2 yrs

Académie des Beaux-Arts de Laval. 1997-2003

Teaching the Arts Certificat- University of Sherbrooke


 Workshops _______________________________________

 Ann Lemieux –The portrait

Deirdre Mackay- “Finding Originality in Your Artwork”

Richard Bélanger-Water Colour (1 week, Mont Laurier)

Max Steible- Flowers

Martin Tremblay- « Framing Your Artwork »

Guylaine Jacques- « Exploring pastels »

Ann Lemieux- “Marketing Your Art”

Pamela Carter- “Still Life in Plein Air”

Deirdre Mackay- Abstract Painting

Robin Drolet- Photographing Your Artwork

Bill Hosner (US Master) 1 week, Pastel in plein air, all subject, Mtl. 2005

Denis Jacques, (Can. master)-Portrait, pastel, 2006

Georges de Doyard- Les Couleurs, 2007

Claude Texier (Master-France ) Still Life-2006, 2009, 2011

Bill Hasnor (US Master), The figure in plein air ( one week of translation) Kamouraska

 IAPS Convention, 2009 (International Association of PastelSocieties) New Mexico, USA, 4 days of workshops with masters: Duane Wickam, Leslie B. Demile, Richard McKinly. Others: Kippy Hammond, Kim Lordier

Susanne Strater, Interpreting Whites

IAPS Convention, 2011 (International Association of PastelSocieties) New Mexico, USA,

 2 days of workshops with US masters  : Fred Somers, Liz Haywood Sullivan, 2  demonstrations : Doug Dawson and Margaret Dyer

Margaret Dyer, 2011 The Figure, 2 days, Mtl. + 2 days translation

Horace Champagne(Can. Master),3 day Landscape painting- plein air, Châteauguay, Qc

Desmond O'Hagan, US Master, 2 days of translation, Montreal

Teresa Saia, US Master, 2 days of translation, Momtreal

Terri Ford, US Master, 2 days translation, Montreal



2008-2016                   Galerie Symbole-Art, Montreal

2007-2010                   Galerie-librairie Les Bouquinistes, Vieux St- Eustache

2012                             Cuckle-Button Farm Gallery, Perkins's Cove , Maine



2014                  St-Gilles Paper Mill, PSEC exhibitionStewart Hall         

                            Stewart Hall, juried show  on pastel , Pointe-Claire, QC.              

2013                   Repentigny Art Centre , PSEC exhibition  

                            Giverny' France, guest artists from Quebec with the APF                                              Granby  Symposium, selected                          

2012                   Symposium de Ste-Flore (juried), Ste-Flore, Qc.

                             Exposition Solo, Centre d'Art de Ste-Rose

                            Sinfonia di Colori Gallery, PSEC exhibition, Pierrefond, Qc

2012, 2013        WASM (Assoc. culturelle des femmes de Montréal) juried, Ogilvy     

                             Pastel Toujours, Ste-Geneviève

2011                    Expo-Concert (juried), Mirabel

2011                    Symposium  de Ste-Rose, (juried), Ste-Rose,  Laval

                             Centre Accès, Community Centre, Laval, Solo

                             Gallery St-Vincent-de-Paul, Laval, PSEC group Exhibition

                             Solo, Gallery-Boutique, Athen’s Framing, Mtl. Qc

2010                    Solo Exhibition, Gallery 127 of Raphael Décor, Vaudreuil-Dorion


                            l’Art du Pastel Society, juried group exhibition, Giverny, France

                            LTMAA groupe exhibitions, St-James Church, Hudson, QC

                           Classical Boat Festival, Old Port, Montreal, Qc.

                            Galerie Espace 127,  numerous group exhibitions

                            Maison de la Culture, PSEC group exhibition, St-Antoine-sur-le-Richelieu. QC

2009                   Laurier Museum, Victoriaville, Qc,  juried group exhibition:” Dessin, pastel, aquarelle“









                           Grand Théâtre, Quebec City,  PSEC group exhibition













2009,2010          Gallery Kaf-Art, “Rouge”, juried group exhibition

                            Museum Châteauguay Maison Le Pailleur, group exhibition Qc.,














2008                   Les Halles, PSEC group exhibition, St-Jean sur-le-Richelieu, Qc., 











2007                   Multicultural Library Gallery: QACB group of 7 artists, Laval, Qc












2007-2013         Centre Accès,  numerous QACB group exhibitions, Laval, Qc












                            Selected Auction : Shield of Athena, Marché Bonsecours, Mtl., Qc











                           Galerie Maison Benjamin Papineau, QACB group exhibition, Laval, Qc











                           Galerie du Ruisseau, Laval, PSEC Exhibition,













2006                   Festival de Peinture de Mascouche,( juried) symposium

                           Gallery In Vivio, PSEC group exhibit, Old Montreal, Qc

                           AREQ , Group Exhibit, Ste-Rose, Laval, Qc

                           NAPAA, (North American Pastel Artists’ Association) juried exhibition, New York, USA













2005-06, 08-10- 12  Symposium : La Route des fleurs, Laval, Qc












2005                   City Hall, QACB group exhibition Laval, Qc,













2005-2011         Symposium:: Le Rendez-vous des Artistes, Carrefour Laval, Laval Qc














                          Galerie Philippe, group exhibition, Rosemère, Qc














2005, 07, 09, 12      PSEC International juried exhibtions, Miason Ogilvy, Mtl., Qc









2004                 City of Rosemere Symposium, Rosemère, Qc












2004,06,09,12,13,14,15    Stewart Hall Gallery, juried exhibitions, Pointe Claire, Qc               













2004                          Brome County Historical Society Museum, PSEC, Knowlton, Qc

                          Communiqu’art, Juried Exhibition, St-Eustache, Qc 

                         CSA, (Canadian Society of Artists), Juried  Exhibtion, Maison  Ogilvy, Montreal, Qc 

 2003-04,06,08,10,12,14     PSEC National juried exhibitions, Maison Ogilvy, Montreal. Qc            














2003                 Commensal Restaurant, Solo Exhibition, Côte-des-Neiges, Mtl., QC
























 Participation in the Community

2009-2010   Member of LTMAA (Lake of Two Mountains Artists’ Association

2004-2012   Member of PSEC (Pastel Society of Eastern Canada), Exhibition            

                     Chairperson since2006, Vice President since 2008,

                     President since 2011

2004-2012   Member of QACB (Quartier des Arts du Cheval Blanc)

2012-2013   Member of WASM (Women’s Art Society of Montreal)

2011            Member of  Boréart

2005-2006   Leader of youth activities in libraries, Journées de la Culture,Laval, Qc

2006-2011   Workshops in Public Schools (pastel & charcoal), Laval, Qc

2008-2015   Volunteer, Arts and Crafts in a CHSLD, Mtl., Qc


Awards & Honours :

 2005,       Honourable Mention for « Peggy’s Shadow », Ogilvy,PSEC

2005,       Publication in Magazin’Art, International, Winter issue 2005-2006

2007,     “The Clearing” used in movie “Secret Past”

2007,     “The Last of the Peonies”, rental at Quebec City Office of Minister  Courchesne

2007       Honourable Mention for “Beach Stroll”, Ogilvy, PSEC

2008       Honourable Mention for “Carrousel Girl”, PSEC, St-Jean-sur-le-Richelieu

2008      “Le Baiser” poster choice for PSEC exhibition, Ogilvy

2009       ‘Boy With the Yellow Pail » choice for 2010 QACB calendar

2009      “Cuivre et aubergine”, Best in “Still Life” Category Award, Ogilvy, PSEC

2010      “Honorable mention, “Dernières lueurs”, PSEC Ogilvy exhibition

2011      3rd Prize, Galerie St-Vincent-de-Paul, PSEC Exhibition, Laval, Qc

2011      Choice for PSEC 2012 Calendar: Dernières lueurs

2011-14  Guest  artist to show at Carrefour Laval’s Corrid’Art

2012      !st Prize, Galerie Sin Fonia Di Colori, ,PSEC Exhibition, Ste-Genviève Qc.

              Guest artist : Ste –Flore Symposium, Ste-Flore, Qc

2012 -15   Stewart  Hall, Point Claire, numerous works rented for movie productions

               Champ d’orge coloré, choix pour calendrier PSEC 2013

2013     Invitée à l’exposition de APF (Art du Pastel en France) à Giverny, France




 The artist is Montreal born and resident of Laval.

Thibault Goodrow first undertook her visual arts studies in high school and then for two years as part of her teaching diploma at McGill University. With a strong passion for the arts, her continuing education studies led her to the Teaching of the Arts Certificate from the University of Sherbrooke. To refine her skills, she attended the Académie des Beaux-Arts de Laval, completing courses in Linear Drawing, Values, Portrait, the Study of Colours (in pastel) and the study of The Masters. Since then, various workshops have become a source of inspiration. Her work is generally figurative, although impressionism leaves its mark with subjects varying greatly, frequently including portrait work.

Reine is a member of the Quartier des Arts du Cheval Blanc, ArtPlus  and Rose-Art. She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of Eastern Canada, President from 2011 to 2015 and presently acts as Exhibition Chair for the annual juried show, Les Pastellistes.

  Artist’s Statement__________________________________

 Creating a new painting reveals my creative potential, as well as my short comings. Each time comes the excitement of the challenge and of the self-discovery.  I ponder how to transmit to the viewer what  moves me about the subject. I then  search how I can make it striking and unique.

My university studies in Fine Arts had dealt mainly in abstraction. Although I had drawn all my life, I lacked technique and felt ill equipped to render certain representational subjects. Thankfully, live model drawing had been an important component of my classes so that when I began to paint seriously I was able to benefit from that training.

When I later returned to study the Fine Arts, realism naturally dominated my subject choices, concentrating mainly on still life, people and portraits.

In time I began seeking to combine my love for abstraction and for free gestural movement with my more Cartesian style. This remains a constant personal objective.

Be it working with pastels (sticks of pure pigments of shimmering colours) or with acrylic paints (which can look like oil paint but dries more quickly), I have always enjoyed spontaneity and liked the feeling of working briskly! (Sometimes the best results are achieved doing a quick study!)

However, parts of the process can be slow. I spend a great deal of time choosing the subject, working out the best composition with thumbnail sketches or pondering my next strokes. Through trial and error I have learned to take the time to be certain before pushing “merrily along”. To quote Bill Hosner: “Never work faster than you can think.”

Other moments are purely magical. While working I am sometimes overtaken by strong feelings of anticipation, at times experiencing, for brief moments, a total loss self-awareness, engulfed in the creative process with only my inspiration to guide me.

Paintings also tend to have a life of their own and are filled with surprises and unexpected results. Nonetheless, regardless of how a painting evolves, learning is inherent to the creative process. It transforms me each time and in it I find joy.


More details on her Web site:

Dernières lueurs

Colin's Pond

Les Îles Yale

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