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Lynda Frenette

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Telephone: 819-807-6136

Born in Montreal, the daughter of a mother who loved to paint everything she saw. I never imagine that eventually I would have the same love for painting. Living now near Trois-Rivières in the province of Québec, I slowly began my painting career using acrylic. Eager to improve my art, I enrolled in painting workshops and in courses with the medium pastel . This is also that last medium that I love the most , allowing me to unleash my creativity. My themes are very versatile.  I love to share , through painting, my love for travel, flowers, animals, landscapes and architecture. I also do portraits and still lifes . Being very visual , I have a fairly realistic style , trying to accurately reproduce the original subject, while improving it . Recently retired from the working life, I incorporate everyday this hobby into my regular activities.

Étude - Bain bleu de Degas

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