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News from Pamela

We would like to share with you some lovely news regarding our previous PSEC president, Pamela Carter. She now lives in Ontario, as some of you know and has just opened a beautiful studio where she teaches, can hold workshops and shows her work. Her career is in full bloom!

"Here in the county, where I moved to 3 years ago, I have recently built a beautiful studio/gallery attached to my house..I paint here and exhibit my work, all in oil, and am open to the public throughout the summer and fall season.. 

I am part of a county wide Studio Tour and am on the  county arts trail. . Here are some photos of my studio:

This is a beautiful place to live and paint year round. If you've never been here, or even if you have, I encourage you to head this way one day and come to visit me..I would love to see you again! It would be a wonderful place for a workshop too!! "


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